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Maria Lee-Driver

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Product Developer,


Public Personality

Meet Maria Lee-Driver, a trailblazing entrepreneur and acclaimed author of "Detours." Maria's journey into the world of small business began in her late teens, where she opened Re-Ons Designing Impressions Hair Salon at the tender age of nineteen. Over the next two decades, she honed her business acumen, even establishing a cosmetology and barbering school in the same building.

Driven by her passion for natural products, Maria identified a need during her years of working with a diverse client base. This led to the creation of Oria’s O'shay, a multi-use product promoting healthy skin and hair. The success of Oria’s O'shay earned Maria the Madam C J Walker Award in 2013 and the AOWIE Pioneer for Women Innovation Award in 2022.

Currently, Maria is immersed in expanding her business empire with the upcoming Fresh Mink Pet Expo in April 2024. Her entrepreneurial spirit extends to Fresh Pets Lifestyle Magazine, set to launch in Winter 2025, Fresh Tails Pet TV, O Just Pets Podcast and exclusive Oria’s O’Shay Beauty stores. Maria Lee-Driver continues to weave her magic, transforming detours into pathways of innovation and success.


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